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TTMT#123-Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!

4 thoughts on “TTMT#123-Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!

  1. My video is currently uploading at the moment. I talked about my 2019 goal chart as well, but I’m not even sure where mine is at this point, lol.

    You got so very much done this year! and you got your long arm. I bet next year you’ll be cranking out even more.

    The t-shirt quilt is going great. I looked at that interfacing and ended up buying the french fuse. I don’t think I would use the french fuse again, but if I ever make another t-shirt quilt I will try that pellon.


  2. Julia, I’ve never heard of French fuse. What is that? I’ve used a medium Pellon before and it was too thick. I’ve settled on this one in the past couple of years.


  3. You accomplished a lot in 2019. My chart got lost in the move.
    I’ll need to make a new one. I do like having it. It is a nice visual of my year.

    The fantastic beast panel is fabulous! It will make a nice center.

    I’ll have to keep the Pellon in mind. I think I have a bolt of it or
    Something similar. I had used it for pixel quilts before switching to a water soluble for it.
    My daughter has quiet the stash of shirts she is saving for me to make a quilt from.

    Happy New Year! Enjoy the remaining days off.


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