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TTMT #553 – Ready for New Things!

To my dear Talk to Me Tuesday friends and all of our awesome viewers, the best of wishes for 2020. ♥


5 thoughts on “TTMT #553 – Ready for New Things!

  1. On the sweater. You could possibly serge it? My other thought would be hand blanket stitch with matching or contrasting yarn. Or crochet. Whichever you like the look of the most.

    Congratulations on no more business taxes after 2019! *throws confetti* Makes perfect sense to end it today if it’s going to end, right? If this eases even a bit of stress and work it’s worth it. To 2020!

    OMG Marie on that tree skirt. She’s making sure ALL the cats everywhere know it smells like Marie, lol.


    1. The stitching around the neck opening was finished off before the collar was attached, so I think it’ll be okay without anything additional. If it does need something, I’ll probably do a sc around just to make it sturdy. I’d prefer however I finish it to not show.

      It’s weird to be done with this chapter of my life, but it feels right.

      Marie wanted to make sure everyone knows that is HER tree skirt!


  2. What a great find! I love the wide neck line without the collar. Hopefully it holds with or without a stitch around the top.

    We love seeing you. Your patterns are brilliant and will be missed. But still we just want to see you and your crafty goodness in whatever avenue suits you.

    Good Riddance to 2019!

    I am looking more forward to a new year than I have in my entire life. I hope all have a brilliant 2020!

    Oh Marie is too cute. Silly girls marking her spot 🙂

    Happy New Year

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