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TTMT #337 – jewells68 – December 24, 2019 – Bagging It

In which I talk about making bags and other random things. And cough and sniffle… Been fighting a cold for a few days. It’s good to be able to be off work from now through Friday. I can rest up for some serious bag making. Another go to bed early night tonight, I think!

9 thoughts on “TTMT #337 – jewells68 – December 24, 2019 – Bagging It

  1. As you know, I love the idea of reusable grocery bags. I am super looking forward to how they all turn out as you continue to experiment!

    I love, love your Accuquilt die storage! I have a place for everything but my 2 1/2″ strip die. It keeps moving as I look for a better place to keep it.


    1. I had them (square dies) in my metal cart from Michaels, but I’ve decided it’s the perfect thing to keep next to my frame for stuff I need near that for quilting. I have the cubbie space under the cutting/pressing table, but that means bending down to get them, lol. This is lovely because I can see all of them and their labels easily. And at some point they could be mounted to the wall if I decided to do that, like if I didn’t have the dresser in here anymore. I may get a small storage box if I get more small dies. I do like the cube. As for the strip, I actually was seriously considering a wrapping paper station first, on wheels, because everything I own apparently has to be on wheels, lol. But the dividers were too close together for the dies. But you could totally do something similar so that was on my agenda until we remembered these shelves out in the garage. Something like a cassette crate from back in the day as the base, and another one maybe 2/3 of the way from the top, but with no base in it, so it’s just the 4 sides with no top and bottom, to corral the dies into staying put. It could be attached to the side of a piece of furniture, a door, or even a wall. I don’t know if that makes any sense, it’s hard to describe in just words.


      1. My primary problem is I don’t have any room at all for anything else. No floor space, no walls. I currently keep the longer die on its end between two bins under my cutting table. And by currently, I mean when the room isn’t torn apart, which of course it currently is!


  2. Good luck with your next bag attempt .. I’ve looked at patterns for a bunch of different grocery bags and never quite liked any of them. Hopefully, you’ll figure out a better one! I have a bunch of reusable bags already, but also I have a lot of fabric, so it seems silly not to make my own when I end up needing them again. At least you have some cute bags to keep for yourself as you work out the pattern, right? 😀

    I have that little travel iron too … it works pretty well for such a small tool!

    Belated Christmas wishes! And an early Happy New Year!


    1. I am planning to use the ones I’ve already made as part of the gifts. I don’t feel like they all have to be the same. I have a certain type that is my favorite, but for their I want sturdy but simple. Phebe’s is working this morning, so as soon as I’m done with my coffee I plan to go back there and get started on the next one, lol


  3. Hope your cold is better now. Love the Sugar Skull fabric. I have lots if stuff with Sugar Skull designs- Tervis cup, watch bands, etc. Lots of fun! Your totes look great. I think the short handle one will still work. I would use that in my purse to have for short trips with just a few items, like Walgreens.


    1. I ended up lopping off the handles and adding new ones. It’s now my favorite one I think! Made another yesterday.

      Cold got way worse by Tues nite and Wed was pretty much on sofa all day. Since then I’ve rested every chance I get, though I did have to go to work on Friday. Feeling much better now, just still trying to get rid of the cough and sinus issues.


  4. I like the bags. What fun fabric. I wish every place would ban the single use plastic. I know it’s not convenient to start but people would adjust.

    Oh nice to find a rejuvenated use for the shelves.

    Hope you are well by now.

    Happy New Year


    1. Feeling much better, mostly just feel it in the mornings these days, coughing up crap.

      Bags are still in progress. Each one gets easier and easier. Might make one or two tomorrow. Or not. We shall see, lol.

      Happy New year!

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