TTMT Video

TTMT #90 – Just One Block

I recorded this on Tuesday, then we lost power and I forgot I hadn’t uploaded or posted it.

10 thoughts on “TTMT #90 – Just One Block

  1. Hey what susan said, any progress is still PROGRESS! I know how you feel about the getting older stuff. My bil was lower yesterday than I expected at a restaurant for lunch and then I saw they gave me the senior discount. I kept my mouth shut because 2 bucks is two bucks. but my daughter teased me about all my grey hair.


    1. Because they know me at the local Cane’s they let me get away with ordering a kid’s meal with a senior discount. It still sounds strange every time I do it. I’m at a crossroads with my grey hair. IF it is as pretty as my mom’s and my brother’s, I need to let it grow out. But to find out, I need to let it grow out. I would be a skunk for a while. I see a haircut coming soon. Getting old does have a few perks.


    1. I am feeling better. I may have 2 more days (I think they are out of temp positions they can give me to keep me since my boss retired). I don’t even know how I want it to end up. I am really hoping for some time off to quilt. But I could use a paycheck.
      2020 will be my most productive year yet. I have stocked up on projects (back to the time/paycheck thing).


  2. My goodness I’m behind on videos… this one is half a month old! I hope you’ve had a chance since this video to do a little more crafting!

    The new quilt block looks lovely… it’s going to be a very nice quilt.

    Ohh! Belated birthday wishes! i hope you had a great day!


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