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TTMT #43 No video this week

Just stopping by to say hi! I was finally able to take some time and get caught up on your videos. It really does brighten my day to see what everyone is up to.

I am at the end of term at work, final grades, and last minute meetings. I put an extra effort into trying to finish up by the end of the day today, but it just didn’t happen. So I will be back to work tomorrow.

Backstory…my mom lives with me and she has an aid that helps her while we are at work. She has always been in poor health. She had gotten really sick this week and and ended up in the ER. She has been in and out of the hospital for pretty much all of my adult life. I have to say yesterday was by far one of the worst visits. She is doing much better now, but I think sometimes the staff just doesn’t work well together and as a result, does not work well with the patients. The end result they finally got it right, but it seamed to take forever for them to help.

No crafting for me this week I’m feeling extremely tired. I am looking forward to the end of the day tomorrow and start my holiday break.

I hope everyone has a wonderfully crafty week and see yall next week.

3 thoughts on “TTMT #43 No video this week

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your mom. Dealing with that is hard enough, dealing with it and having to work full time outside the home is an even bigger struggle. Hang in there, I know it’s tough from personal experience, but you will get through this. And thank you again for the lovely mail surprise you sent. It really brightened my day.


  2. Sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she is doing a bit better now.
    It’s so hard to see our parents struggle with health problems. Sending hugs to you and yours!

    Thanks for the lovely gift. It was a delightful surprise


  3. I’m sorry you and your mom had to go through that (again). That’s rough. I hope you are now enjoying your holidays. Between work, and being sick, and, yes, finally a quilting class, I haven’t done anything holiday-like at all. Finally was able to get my daughter’s birthday box sealed and ready to go. I’ll get to the rest of these one day/year soon.
    It’s great to hear from you even when we can’s see you. We know what you look like, so it’s okay.


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