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TTMT#122Merry little Christmas tree-

7 thoughts on “TTMT#122Merry little Christmas tree-

  1. Wow, what a cute wall hangings, you did great! I haven’t used iron on transfers in ages, that is a blast from the past! Wrap, away, momma! My kids are grown, too. They get a few usable gifts (pjs, calendars), one fun thing, and the rest is cash for them to figure out!


  2. I love those wall hangings – well all of your Christmas crafts! I totally understand about deciding to cut back a bit on gifting but then going overboard yet again. My children are in their 40s – it never ends!


  3. I love the tree wall hanging. I have ordered the equilateral triangle die and the half hexi die. I’m thinking they would make a great pieced xmas tree somehow. I love that darn accuquilt so much! 😉

    We don’t really exchange gifts, but this time of year I like to buy my 23yo things she needs so she doesn’t have to spend her money on them, like new tops for work (she works retail) or new shoes, something like that. We will go thrift shopping together and then I’ll step up pay for everything when we go to the check out. She also has been bringing little things home from work for me like a cute pair of socks or harry potter themed hair clip that she gets with her store discounts. We like to surprise each other. We just can’t stop being moms because they are grown, we’re moms forever, lol

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  4. Oh the wall hangings are so cute. I love them both. Your second one reminded me I never pulled out our Christmas quilt. Hmmm…I’m wondering where it is at.

    I’m obsessed with the “child” as well. Can you really have to much?

    Haha I have had to use incredible restraint this year. But I did cheat a little. We aren’t giving gifts to the kids. We have a trip planned for the spring for the youngest two. They don’t know yet but that is the gift. They will be opening clues to the destinations.
    So I cheated a tad but spent under 30 for each of them. The oldest is getting the gift of his tax bill being paid. Which will bring him relief for the next 12 months.
    They will both appreciate the things you’ve gotten. It makes there life a bur easier. Which is always the best kind of gift for a young adult.

    Raleigh is a fabulous place to live. My middle one is at Chapel Hill now. I can see him staying in the Triangle area when he finishes. He loves the area.

    Happy Holidays and get lots of crafty time during your break!


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