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Ttmt #56 Christmassy… trying anyway

7 thoughts on “Ttmt #56 Christmassy… trying anyway

  1. I also didn’t realize the Postman was 15″…oops. I’m loving your blocks so far, they look fabulous!

    My kiddo is coming back this week, too. I am very pleased. 🙂

    I’m so, so glad you and Sarah got to meet up. We have so many TTMTers so close by!


  2. After seeing your Rankin Bass blocks I really need to pull mine back out. I did them a couple of years ago when Liljabs first released them. I’ve got to have the spotted elephant. It’s my daughter’s favorite. Merry Christmas!


  3. Your blocks are coming along nicely. That’s how I have been working on things. They get done when they get done! No stressing about something that’s supposed to be relaxing and fun. I like patterns to be colored, but like the way Jennifer O does them with very subtle coloring. Enough to help tell the difference between fabrics but not enough to be dark. I hate when it stains my pressing area, let along the fabric I’m sewing with.

    I have never joined a guild but have been thinking of visiting our two local ones this coming year. We only have the state one which is VERY traditional and the ABQ Modern Quilt Guild. Most of the ladies in my Linus group don’t belong to either.


    1. I agree I like color in very muted colors or just leave it uncolored
      With a map of colors. I try to make my own patterns similar to Jennifer’s with the pastel palette.
      I would probably try to get the ink out of there wasn’t other mistakes in the block. It’s just not gonna lay flat. So I’ll probably remake it later.

      I only joined a guild for the first time in NC after my mother in law passed. I was really missing her and thought I needed more quilty friends. I’m glad I did it. I definitely will join the one I mentioned. They were very welcoming and had a lot of things to be part of outside of the meetings.
      I went to the Modern Guild here and it was not my thing. I’ll try going one more time but if meeting two was anything like meeting one, I’ll probably move on. If you ever try one go twice before joining. I think they vary a lot. I went for socializing, so your “guild” maybe Linus.


  4. I haven’t even started listening yet and just had to say How cute! about your Rankin Bass blocks. I don’t know the movie/movies (?) but they are cute images anyway. Too bad about the bleeding on the quilt block – how frustrating!

    I keep saying I’m going to try going to one of the quilt guilds here one day, but I never get around to it. The MQG meets on a bad day (for me) and is a long way from home half the year (my city is huge, so they alternate meeting locations so the people in the south don’t have to drive so far north every time and the opposite as well.. both locations are 20-40 min drive from home though, so…. I dunno).Maybe one day.


    1. I have been waiting for RankinBass for years. It was a staple growing up to wait for the Holiday shows to be on TV.

      Haha every thing is 30 minutes or longer for me. I mean not like grocery stores but social events like a guild are that far. It’s either mileage or traffic often both.
      I’m glad I have started finding them. Some are not worth the drive and others are definitely worth it.


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