TTMT Video

TTMT #550 – Past & Presents

There’s a weird hum in the middle part of the video. I’m super sorry about that, I have no idea what happened there! Same room, same camera, different day!

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11 thoughts on “TTMT #550 – Past & Presents

  1. I did not notice any hum.

    I really love that quilt as your backdrop, although I’m sure it’s a bit awkward when trying to show things closer to the camera.

    The tree skirt is so wonderful! You didn’t show off the embroidered square, though. I thought that was such a cute touch. You know how much I loved seeing that thing come together step by step. It was so cute and fast!


    1. I cackled a little at your not noticing a hum knowing that you mentioned you needed your hearing checked!

      The most awkward part of recording in the garage is that I can’t really see the viewfinder and I’m super used to being able to do so. If you see me looking every which way through my glasses, that’s why!

      I totally forgot about the embroidered square when I recorded, though I did notice when I edited. Oops!! I continue to be delighted by how awesome the tree skirt turned out. 😀


  2. I love love love the tree skirt. So perfectly personalized for her and with a made by momma feel! She will love it for many years to come. The stocking is great as well. I love the tie in with the skirt.

    I didn’t notice the hum either but I wasn’t listening for it.

    Happy Crafting


  3. What a great idea for the tree skirt! Have to tuck that in the back of my head as my oldest is hinting that he’s moving when he graduates next May. I think maybe I should start making a Christmas box with essentials in it.


    1. Thank you, I had such fun making it for her! When we decorated the tree this year, I set some parameters for ornaments and let her take anything within those. Anything with her name she could have, her fandoms she could take, photo ornaments are mine. Any random handmade ornaments that weren’t specifically a gift for someone she could also have. I still have enough for probably four trees!!


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