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TTMT #336 – jewells68 – December 10, 2019 – Just Chillin’

In which I talk about relaxing, rethinking my Project Room layout AGAIN, the tumbler quilt, Project Linus, and thrifting with my daughter. Nice and short this week!

8 thoughts on “TTMT #336 – jewells68 – December 10, 2019 – Just Chillin’

  1. Relaxing and vacation week are a good thing! Thrifting is always fun. The tree skirt is cute. I feel little sad when I see someone’s work at a thrift shop. I am always happy to see someone rescue a handmade item.

    Enjoy your week!


    1. I feel that way too. If it is something I am looking for, is handcrafted, and in good condition, it usually comes home with me.

      I had so very many plans for the week. This always happens when I’m home from work. I got a couple things done, but nothing like I planned. Still planning to put the tree up either today or tomorrow. As usual with me, cleaning has been shoved aside.


  2. Yay for thrifting and quality time with Miss P! And the tree skirt looks perfect for work. One less thing for you to make!

    I’m loving the tumblers. The borders look faaaabulous!

    I’m pretty sure everything in your sewing room needs to be on casters. 😛


    1. You know I had a super successful trip yesterday. No xmas stuff but clothes for me and the new kitty dish!

      Have not worked on the tumblers all week. I had meant to make some fabric grocery bags to take to my team as gifts this week but that has not happened yet either. But shelves!

      ALL THE THINGS should be on casters. ALL THE THINGS.

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    1. I did not get everything done that I planned, but it was lovely to have this time off and do the things that I DID get done. This morning is my December Project Linus meeting and our end of year celebration, so I get to turn in those last three quilts of the year, which I am excited to do. I would love another week off!


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