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Ttmt # 55 little things

8 thoughts on “Ttmt # 55 little things

  1. The little wallet is super cute. I use something a lot like that too – just a kind of a round bottom version of the same thing. They’re convenient!

    It’s not so much that they’re busy as that they’re more contrast-y than I thought they might be. But they are so pretty! The gold sparkly ones… love!

    The Tula is pretty, isn’t it? Someone else (Chicktar maybe?) sent you a kind of medium blue one with birds and big flowers on it, which is also Tula Pink!


    1. Ahh I thought you said busy…my bad. Some have contrast and others are fabulous blenders. Either way I like them and will definitely use them.

      That is entirely possible
      I have another Tula and don’t realize it. I was pretty late to the party regarding even knowing who she is. I kind of suck at paying attention to the different lines.

      They are really beautiful. I love a lot of color that pops. So I’ll enough them.

      Yes the wallet is exactly what I needed and of course I’m slightly coffee obsessed.


      1. I might have said busy haha… I can’t remember! I wouldn’t rely on myself to have said what I actually meant 😉 I had only seen the white one in person (fairly low contrast there!) but I liked the colours and hoped you would to 😀

        I think generally it’s good not to get too hung up on designers. I mean, I like and have used a lot of Tula and have collected even more, but honestly the fabric I use the most is the stuff that’s just kind of no name designers that doesn’t feel too special to touch. The too special to touch stuff is so hard to use! What if I ruin it by picking a bad project?! It’s so dumb because fabric is meant to be used, not stored, but once it feels too much like art I (and a lot of sewists) get really hung up on finding some perfect way to feature it. Tula is one of those designers, for sure, and Heather Ross is another. I’m trying to get better about it, though… I have at least 3 in progress projects with Tula fabric. Must use it up!


  2. So much good fabric! The line from Kristel would be awesome as PoD shelves. Love it!

    I’m so delighted to see the kitty kickers. Your orange beans have given me much joy to see!

    Love the coffee wallet, it’s brilliant!


  3. I’m so happy you loved that fabric so much you already made a wallet out of it. 🙂

    My daughter only had the whole week of Thanksgiving off in college. It’s so dumb to go for two days. They should all just add the days to the beginning or end of the year.

    I did almost zero decorating last year and so far nothing yet at home but I think I am going to put the tree up and see how the cat behaves. She still kept trying to eat the fake pine needles last year even though she’s technically a senior kitty now.


    1. My decor is lacking this year. We won’t be here for some of the Holiday and oops I still have turkeys/pumpkin decor out. Our Holiday is gonna be unusual this year so I’m not pulling it all out.

      I do have wreath on the door, a small wooden advent calendar tree, and the ceramic tree. I’m pretty sure nothing else is gonna happen.
      We will deal with Cats & trees next year.

      It so stupid to have the short break. He flew home Tuesday night and had to leave class early to do that. He was back at the airport Sunday at 730 am.


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