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TTMT #549 – Happy December!

Sorry, guys, there was a great big error in my first version of this video! I reuploaded ASAP!

In which I discuss some mail, a charity quilt, and family!

I neglected to mention that EVERY quilt pattern in the Sewhooked Shop is 25% off between now and December 21, 2019. No coupon needed, the discount has already been applied. 💜


8 thoughts on “TTMT #549 – Happy December!

  1. Still laughing at that silly boy! A built-in toy for him.

    Yay for lots of family time. It’s always lovely to have a full house.

    Enjoy the tree skirt. It will be a lovely thing for her to have for years to come.

    Happy Crafting


    1. He is such a silly bean! The tail chasing happens almost daily.

      I love a full house. The boy comes back next week after finals and I could not be happier!

      Tree skirt almost accomplished. I can’t wait to share!


  2. The garage is actually a great place to film with that beautiful backdrop and bright light! I’m looking forward to seeing the tree skirt. As you know mine has been put on hold until I have a tree, although I might make a simple one for my small table-top tree at work.

    Oh wow, nice to know who sent you the pressing mat, it was a fun mystery!

    OMG that cat cameo had me loling. What is this thing, must grab it!


    1. I don’t mind filming the garage, but the acoustics are a bit weird. It will definitely work for now!

      He chased his tail for at least five minutes! That’s the only part of the video that my hand wasn’t shaking from laughing!


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