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TTMT #335 – jewells68 – December 3, 2019 – I’ll Tumble for Blue

In which I show off a new quilt in progress, made with my new Accuquilt 6.5″ Tumbler die! This is my new favorite die. So much fun! And so fast! A bit about another quilt that’s waiting to be bound and what’s next on the cutting list… more tumblers, of course! Happy December!

15 thoughts on “TTMT #335 – jewells68 – December 3, 2019 – I’ll Tumble for Blue

  1. Lol That was my reaction to December as well.
    Whaaattt! How is it December?

    Oh I love your tumbler. I have never made one but definitely on my bucket list. The 60 degree triangles are similarly fast & fun.

    Yay for so much crafty goodness. The scarf is gorgeous.

    Happy Crafting

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    1. The equilateral triangle die is now the next one on my to-buy list. It finishes at 4 inches I think. They only have one size of those for my cutter. it’s not too pricey, I just have to watch for free shipping. I also might have to buy a smaller tumbler die as well. A few years ago I would never have dreamed putting together a quilt top like this would be so fast and easy.

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      1. Because they look so complicated yet they are pretty simple. I almost bought an AccuQuilt at Festival. I stopped myself because it would have been an impulsive emotional purchase. I need to get my room organized before I add anything to it.

        The tumbler looks great & fun to do.


        1. If I had it to do over I would buy the Go! Big. Not because it’s electric, but because you can put bigger dies in it. So if I have to replace this one at some point because it breaks or something, I’ll upgrade to the bigger version. Because then I can still use the dies I have but also do the crazy quilt die, layer cake die, etc. But I am happy with my Go! at this point because I’m still getting going. The studio needs an adapter to use the same dies, otherwise I might go that route eventually.

          I almost bought mine at Festival LAST year, but the price point wasn’t any better at festival than it was online so I just waited until I got home, because I did not know how I was going to get that huge box home on the plane, lol

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          1. Lol yeah there is that too! That would be a pain on the plane. was surprised they didn’t have better prices for Festival.

            I was definitely looking at the bigger one. I’ll have to cool my jets and figure out my space. I think I generally need to be some a year before I should be buying anything.


    1. I love how the blue just jumps out. thans! I don’t usually wear scarfs, but I walk to work a couples days a week when Phebe has the car and it’s nice to have something to keep the cold air from going down the neck of your shirt, lol


  2. I love the tumbler also. I like what you did with the contrasting colors and since I haven’t sewn the Paris quilt tumblers yet, I think I’m going to throw in some contrasting color…that may be why I haven’t been happy with it. BTW…accuquilt has an online sale right now. 20% off with an additional 15% and free shipping. I just picked up the diamond shape. I’ve been wanting to do my version of the Jane Austen quilt in England.


    1. Believe me I am well aware theya re on sale. I tink I get like 10 emails a day from them. It’s taken some serious intestinal fortitude not to buy ALL THE DIES, lol. Like I want to get the kitty die, but not until I have an embroidery machine to do the applique because It’s very small and zig zagging around that sucker would be tough. But who knows I might order a couple today. Like the equilateral triangle. That would make some fun scrappy quilts.


  3. How did I not comment? Agh! I love the tumblers, they came out so good! And I was cheering you on saying “put on the scarf!” so I could see what it looked like on. It looks so soft and wearable! I very much hope to be tumbling soon, too! 😁


    1. The funny thing is I thought you commented too, I think it’s because we were chatting throughout the tumbler process, lol.

      In just a few weeks you will tumbling along with me!


    1. I zoomed along on it til I got distracted with other things, as I do! Still need to finish the side borders.

      It’s interesting how the same exact stitch can look so different when you use different sizes of hooks and yarns. The sideways shell scarf was an experiment, but one I’d call a win!


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