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TTMT: 12/3/19 – December already???

December is the busiest month for me.  I know it is for most folks but here’s what I have going on during the most wonderful time of the year.

Dec. 1 – Hubby’s birthday.  Very low key this year.  He just didn’t feel like going out or doing much.  I think turning 71 made him a bit blue.

Dec. 19 – Our anniversary.  This is a big one – 50th!!  So far we have made no plans other than going out for a very nice meal.

Dec. 25 – Christmas at Pat & Vanessa’s where we’ll have dinner and exchange gifts.

And then in early January we have Vanessa’s birthday on the 7th and Garrick’s on the 8th.

Now is not the best of times to be in a creative slump but . . .

I have worked on a couple of things this week but don’t have them ready to show yet.  I promise I will be back next week to show off a bit.  Meanwhile I’ll be watching your videos.  Have a crafty week y’all.





6 thoughts on “TTMT: 12/3/19 – December already???

  1. That’s a very busy month. Wow! Golden wedding anniversary. That is so special. Definitely needs to be celebrated. Happy Happy Anniversary.


  2. Congratulations on such a huge anniversary, wow! That’s so lovely. I wish you many more. 🙂

    Since we don’t do much in the way of celebrating, December is sort of a nice time for us because we have some time off at the same time, which is rare. So we just hang out and have fun together.

    I hope you get some time for that too!


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