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TTMT#120-Have a Gnomey Little Christmas

5 thoughts on “TTMT#120-Have a Gnomey Little Christmas

  1. Oh my gosh! You did some great sewing . The gnomes are adorable and BABY YODA!! There are several knitting patterns, already, for baby Yoda, too. Have fun with the rest of your sewing.


  2. We love “baby yoda” too! Your version looks more accurate.

    The Gnomes are adorable. Haha We are always the “weird” moms until they see the finished products.

    You got a lot done! Yay for Christmas sewing.

    Thank You again for the fabulous fabric.


  3. What fun, festive items you have been working on! Those gnomes are too cute! And the bear paws will make a great table runner. I really need to finish up some of my old projects from years past that are just waiting to be quilted. Go you, for getting so much crafty goodness done!


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