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TTMT #334 – jewells68 – November 26, 2019 – That’s Three, Three Finished Charity Quilts, Mwahahaha!

In which I show my last 3 Project Linus blanket donations for 2019, reaching my goal of 12! The jelly roll race and small pinwheel quilt were pieced by Susan P, with Jennifer O.  adding a border to the small one and quilting that one for me. I pieced the Lobster Quilt earlier this month at retreat and left it with Jennifer O. to quilt. She did an amazing job of quilting waves all over the quilt. I am so thrilled that with the help of these two wonderful ladies I will reach my goal of at least 12 blankets donated this year to Project Linus. Thank you both for your generous help!

Edited to add apparently I was in a rush to get to work yesterday morning and forgot to actually publish this post. *smacks head* So here I was rushing to get it done on Tuesday for once and here I am posting it on Wednesday. *sigh* oh well.

10 thoughts on “TTMT #334 – jewells68 – November 26, 2019 – That’s Three, Three Finished Charity Quilts, Mwahahaha!

  1. So weird, I know I posted a comment or at least typed it out earlier.

    Yay for the finished quilts and meeting your goals. I love the quilting Jennifer did on the Lobster top. I love quirky quilts. While it may be mainstream by Abbie, I’m guessing it will be a quirky one in NM.

    They all turned out great.

    Enjoy your long weekend
    Happy Thanksgiving


    1. Thanks to the work of several people now I’ll reach my goal and 3 more kids will have some cute quilts. It’s a win win!

      Quilts here are much more likely to feature roadrunners than lobsters, lol


  2. Yay for being on target to make your goal! #13 (or #1 for next year) is on the way! Now you have breathing room to get your machine & setup perfected!

    I loved doing the waves and can’t wait to try that again.



    1. We woke to a blanket of snow Thanksgiving day, but only my daughter needed to leave the house, as she works retail and the store opened at 5pm Thanksgiving night and stayed open until Friday night without closing for Black Friday. She worked much of the weekend, but my husband and I watched a lot of tv, and I pieced almost an entire quilt from cutting blocks to adding borders. It was fantastic, if chilly.

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