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TTMT #548 – Rankin Bass Wrap Up


13 thoughts on “TTMT #548 – Rankin Bass Wrap Up

  1. I love this block! I love all of the RankinBass. I’ll probably end up with a massive quilt or more than one. I just can’t choose which blocks to make!

    Jeanie’s quilt is so gorgeous! I’m not familiar with the game but it’s was gorgeous anyway! It’s going to be a huge success for a QAL.

    Happy Crafting

    Ps I’ll be finished with Linus quilts this week. 😄


    1. Thank you! It was so persnickety to design but so worth it!

      My kids are super duper familiar with Kingdom Hearts. They grew up playing it and still love it. The younger went to a live concert last year that was all KH soundtrack music. There are a couple of pieces that he especially loves and I have heard quite often. 🙂

      Woo for finished with Linus quilts this week! Would a meet up be possible in the next couple of weeks? I’m sure your schedule is crazy and ours is kind of up in the air as we wait for most test appointments, but I should have a day here and there that I can work with.


      1. Absolutely I can fit a day in! My schedule isn’t crazy because I made a decision to say no to anything that brings stress the rest of the year. The anxiety has been so high I need to spend time bringing back in line. Which means no over commitments! Doing necessities & things that bring happiness.


  2. I only wish I had gotten more of it done for you than just an E and most of an R! It looks fantastic! I don’t think I would even attempt the 10 inch version, yikes.
    Your garage may be chilly but it’s a lovely space for filming. We’ll just be glad to have you at least say hi each week. Only a few weeks left!


    1. Every little bit helped on that block! I was down to the wire getting it all done!

      If it’s cold, I’ll bundle up. I’m hoping planning to record out there will keep me quilting throughout the rest of the year. 😁


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