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TTMT # 39 Rankin/Bass QAL

I am finally sharing the Rankin/Bass QAL. I just love this quilt!!

Jennifer sent me some amazing prints for my Cathedral Window, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

Friendship Adventure Quilting Kingdom Hearts QAL coming January 2020

8 thoughts on “TTMT # 39 Rankin/Bass QAL

  1. You did such an amazing job on the Rank Bass quilt. I plan to do some blocks eventually maybe for some pillow covers to put out during the holidays. but you quilt is great and thank you so much for testing those patterns!

    You already got my pkg so you know more charms were on the way already. So glad to be able to help out with such a wonderful quilt project as that beautiful cathedral window!

    Jennifer told me a little bit about your upcoming QAL in 2020 while we were at retreat. I’m looking forward to seeing the blocks!


  2. What a wonderful video! I love how excited you are for your RankinBassQAL and I love, love, love that you get to share it with your local quilting community. That is awesome!

    I teared up a little when you talked about your cathedral windows! I am honored to have been able to contribute. *hugs*

    2020, here we come! You’ve got this!


  3. Your quilt looks amazing! I love that border… so much fun! And that’s so cool that you get to have it hung at a Festival of Trees.

    I can’t wait to see more additions to your Cathedral window… it’s going to be amazing.


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