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TTMT#119-Anniversary Gift

I forgot to mention that this is in nautical themed prints. My uncle was in the Coast Guard and stationed in Martha’s Vineyard when he met my aunt. And yes, there are lobsters! LOL

3 thoughts on “TTMT#119-Anniversary Gift

  1. I love the anniversary quilt! I think it worked out perfect that you werenโ€™t finished. The label is priceless!

    Iโ€™m think tension is a issue that you learn you machine better over time. One terrible lesson of unpicking an entire row that took me a day to unpick keeps be double checking you tension with every bobbin. Even when I think I got it, I check again

    Enjoy your sew day!


  2. I echo Jennifer R, checking your tension with every bobbin is a good idea.

    The anniversary quilt looks fantastic and that’s such a great label for it, how special! And yes I did see the lobsters in the corner, lol


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