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TTMT #547 – Retreat Reveal

A note about how very tired I look…I recorded this a week ago and hadn’t quite recovered from Retreat. I’m finally all rested up and feeling my normal self!


8 thoughts on “TTMT #547 – Retreat Reveal

  1. You got so many tops done! I always spend more time thinking about how to put them together than sewing, lol. But I’m still pleased with what I did accomplish. And thank you so much for quilting my 2 tops!!! It’s going to be so wonderful to turn them in in December and hit my goal for the year thanks to teamwork!

    The Seuss was my favorite too. But I also loved the red white and blue one AND Neville’s bookcase.



    1. Sewing is definitely > sleeping!

      Orphan blocks are really freeing for me. I can’t explain it aside from when I’m in the zone, I’m in the zone!

      It was my pleasure to quilt your quilts. Teamwork, indeed! My video for next week will include a bit of that, too! 😀


  2. All of those quilts look wonderful. I am always so amazed how you can put all the different blocks together to make such lovely quilts. I just really have to have directions! I know they are all going to be loved by the kids!


  3. The disappearing nine patch looks great.. it’s surprising how different they look with the sashing. So many different quilt tops! You are very productive when you’ve got the time to dedicate to sewing, haha.


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