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TTMT: 12 November 2019

In which I show my progress on Angela Walters’ newest Free Motion Quilting Challenge [see the Free Motion Challenge playlist], and show a bit of some dinosaur quilts I’m working on. The first is Stashbuster 2 from Just Get It Done Quilts and the second is a Cluck Cluck Sew pattern called Fat Quarter Friday.

11 thoughts on “TTMT: 12 November 2019

  1. Hey There! Good to see you.
    I may hate swapping rooms more than swapping houses. It’s like no place to put anything or move anything while doing the swap. It gets to be a total shit show before it’s done and motivation wanes quickly for me. As I’m typing I am thinking I should not be such a downer. I hope you get it done fast and glad you at least are up & running again.

    Your quilting for the Angela Walters project looks amazing. Nice work!
    Maybe appliqué over the Block with words and give it away when your done. If you don’t want to kept it that is.

    Happy Crafting and stay warm


    1. I’m definitely having a motivation problem, though it absolutely has to be in working order by Christmas (so that everyone has a place to sleep) so I guess at least I have a deadline to force myself up against. Right now the fact that I want to get rid of some furniture is part of what’s slowing me down because we have plans to get rid of a fair bit of furniture and I just need to wait till the pick up people are going to come get things.

      An applique is a nice idea for the centre of this quilt. I might want to keep it, but I have too many smallish not very useable quilts already… I don’t really need one more!


  2. Love your Angela Walters quilting. Looks like it’s a good way to learn new techniques. I just got an email about the Fat Quarter Friday pattern. It’s really cute. Good to see you.


  3. Love the quilt back. I’ve always been partial to color blocking. That would be a nice, comfy lapquilt.
    Ahhhh…your FMQ is inspiring. I’m still scared to death to do that! I still have a longarm that I have had for probably 15-20 years that I never did anything more than test drive because I was afraid of it. Got the robot one and hit the ground running. One day, though…. Probably what I need is an FMQ challenge. Hmmmm.
    The dinosaurs are fun! Great colors. Eager to see see those finished (hopefully before I’m too old to not be a dinosaur).
    Always great to see you.


    1. FMQ was SO scary when I started and it looked pretty bad – it takes some practise to get smooth motions for sure! – but now that I’m more comfortable with the basics, I really love doing it, even when my results are only so so. It’s definitely a lot to learn!

      I’m really hoping I can get those two kids quilts done early next year. We will see 😀 I really should be finishing a quilt for my dad first, but it’s always so easy to put things off!


      1. Putting things off is definitely easier. One day I will brave the free-motion thing. I may have to ease into it with some ruler work, which I feel is a midpoint between letting the robot do it and doing it freehand. Right now I’m just loving too much and can’t find the time I need to learn it all. I believe there is good therapy in FMQ that I’m probably missing out on, but I get some of that in designing. Yours is really coming along, though.


  4. That’s a fantastic quilt back! And I have to say, you don’t need to use her panel. You do a fantastic job of FMQ already! All you need to do is just keep on quilting your tops and you will get all the practice you need. 🙂

    The dino quilts are fun. I bet they love them!

    So good to see you again!


    1. I only bought it because I actually really liked the panel! In previous challenges I have just used my own existing quilt tops, but this one I liked the colours and shapes. I probably should have added borders to make it more adult-sized! Jennifer R suggested doing an applique over the logo if I decide to donate it, which is actually a great idea, I think. We will see.

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