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TTMT #60 Knitting

6 thoughts on “TTMT #60 Knitting

  1. I love the Princess Peach scarf. How adorable! My youngest was Princess Peach for Halloween in either Kindergarten or 1st grade.
    It’s really cool how it’s two sided.

    We ere seriously disappointed by the Astros loss and we just got here. I would be really down if they were my life long team.

    Happy Crafting
    I’ll definitely try to get to quilt guild next week. I’m not sure how the drive will be for it. So I’ll find out if I try.


  2. Oh I LOVE that reversible scarf! What a fabulous pattern. Just love the concept of brioche knitting! I used to have a crochet stitch that did 2 colors and switched like that, and was twice as thick, but each stitch was connected, not just where you changed colors. I’m just so intrigued by this.
    That fuscia/black stripe is beautiful….like a chevron.
    That grapey shawl is going to be beautiful.
    Time with a guild and new friends sound very nice.
    Glad Rich is improving. The Dr. Pooh shirt is great!
    I’m quite upset that the Astros lost! That’s my team! I do have a daughter in DC this year, so there’s that, but still quite disappointing. I think the white cuffs will look great, but sad.


  3. Oh my gosh, isn’t Princess Peach adorable! I love her!

    Your new shawl is looking lovely. Your knitting excursion sounds like it was really fun.

    Best of luck with the Christmas gifts. I’m not sure I’ll get to do much crafty Christmas this year, so I will live vicariously through my TTMT friends!


  4. That scarf is cool. I’ve that kind of knitting once, on a swap square. I think I still have it. I didn’t end up doing the swap.

    So many cool projects… you are such a good knitter. You’ll have some lucky gift recipients.

    Glad to hear Rich is improving. That’s so stressful when you have that sort of thing lingering.


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