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TTMT #80 – 2 wholecloths

8 thoughts on “TTMT #80 – 2 wholecloths

  1. The whole cloth process sounds pretty complicated! I hope you’re having fun with it anyway and that you learn all the things you want to learn 😀

    The pattern on the one you’ve shown looks really pretty, that’s the one you’ve bought. Now I’ve just seen the one you’re working on… that’s going to be pretty cool finished too. You’re so ambitious! (Which is great – diving right in can be a lot of fun. Also frustrating, but fun for sure.)


    1. It is complicated, and I am really enjoying it. It’s like planning a big doodle and then making it stitch out right. I’m having fun. Thanks for the comment.


  2. Very cool! I haven’t spent nearly enough time on Art N Stich. I really need a projec that i am highly really motivated to dive into it. I have dappled but not really gotten that far into it. I know it’s an amazing tool, I just haven’t doNe it. I may just find a class and take it to get my motivation up.

    Happy Crafting


    1. Wanted to make a wholecloth got me motivated to register it. I’ve been playing with it and haven’t found anything I couldn’t do yet. I just figure out what I want and google it. And there it is. The free videos on the ANS site were enough to get me started. If you join the ANS group on FB they have links to lots of free videos (and some very expensive classes). Also, if you just ask, they’ll walk you through it or give a link to a free video.


  3. That’s exactly what happened to me. I’ve had ANS since January, but only played with it at my local shop. Once I decided to make a wholecloth I activated it last week. There are free intro classes on the website and free youtube videos (like learning to LA) which are a good way to start, and each thing I needed to learn (how to make pearls, how to connect items, etc.) I just first read the manual section on it then watched a video and I was off to go. It’s vector art, so it’s similar to cricuit, silhouette, EQ8, etc. if you have done any of those. I am usually motivated to learn if I either have a small project I can finish in a day or a huge project I want to learn to do. This time, it was a wholecloth. Yesterday I was watching a video from HQ Live (I think October or November of 2015?) with holiday ideas, and each of the cute things they were making I was imagining it being simpler with ANS. In a week I’m already in this mindset. So my recommendation is that you just jump in, do the free intro videos, and a motivation project should come to you fairly quickly. I don’t like that it’s a “whole ‘nother thing” when I don’t have time for what I’m already trying to do, but I do feel it has upped my game. A lot of the things I was already planning to do are going to be easier now that I jumped into ANS.
    With basics, let me know if you need any help. I have also been swapping designs with a friend in Alaska and we are helping each other, and that’s REALLY helpful.


    1. What I like about it is that it LOOKS complicated. When you break it down, it’s just like putting design blocks together or making an E2E from separate parts. You just get each part where you want it and them stitch it likes it’s an E2E. The computer does all of the placement once you have one individual part and tell it what you want (like put 4 in a square, or mirror it, or put them in a ring of 12). Then…like magic…it looks really complicated.


  4. I’ve really enjoyed following your wholecloth progress. FMQing a whole quilt from the center out is way out on my “maybe someday” list. I love your practice pieces. It’s amazing how far you’ve come in the short time you’ve had your longarm!

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