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Ttmt #52 Sew Time!

7 thoughts on “Ttmt #52 Sew Time!

  1. Both those quilts turned out great! And I’m excited to see your finished swap quilt! I made good headway on mine at retreat, but it’s going to be set aside til my quilts are bound for the December Linus meeting.


    1. Thanks I love getting to try out thinks and help finish Linus quilts at the same time.
      I’m excited to show it. All my crafty time this week has been long arming or on the computer editing the swap design. It’s a labor intensive one. I still have decided it I’ll add a border or leave it as is.
      If I add a border I’ll use the remaining strips to do so.


  2. Red Snappers for the win! I do love mine.

    The quilts look amazing, which is not a shock to me after seeing so much of your work. We’ll have to arrange a meetup before long. Maybe in early December?

    I really do hope next year will be a better one for absolutely everyone. *hugs*


    1. Yes they make it so much faster loading. I don’t know why I waited so long to get them.

      Definitely a meet up is in order again soon.

      Good grief I hope 2020 is way better than 2019. I realized today it was a year ago right now I knew moving was a good possibility. Man, it’s been a ridiculously long and stressful year. Obviously I am hoping the situation at your home gets resolved ASAP for her.

      Happy Crafting I see you’ve been quilting away 😊


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