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TTMT #38 Hand Towels and Cathedral Window

I had a great time with the fall festival last week.

I used The Creamer Chronicles pattern for the hand towels. I did edit the pattern for my needs here. I also added some pictures to my blog.

5 thoughts on “TTMT #38 Hand Towels and Cathedral Window

  1. The costume is fantastic!

    The towels are nice. I have a drawer of towels in the kitchen but none look cute like those.
    I really love your Cathedral window. Such yummy fall colors!

    Happy Crafting


  2. Thank you. My mil used to make me hanging hand towels with the crochet handles, I had a stockpile of them put back for years (She passed away years ago), but eventually I ran out and had to make my own. This was the closest pattern to the way hers looked without the crocheting.


  3. The costume looks so great! that’s a great look for your hair too.

    The towels are really nice. I just have basic towels from whereever. Those would make great gifts though,

    The cathedral window is looking really good!


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