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TTMT #59 Hats and a Blanket

6 thoughts on “TTMT #59 Hats and a Blanket

  1. Go Astros! They are gonna win tonight! We are so excited! They have been so much fun to watch. My oldest has been Astros fan since about 8. He is ready to bring it home!

    That is some seriously chunky yarn! I kind feel like those yarns are marketed towards people that want to be crafty but don’t want to take the time with the smaller yarns. They require less stitches. Kind of like hot glue. I know people that hot glue fabric instead of appliqué. I knew a mom that safety pinned a costume together because she didn’t sew. You make beautiful things and chicnky yarn doesn’t show how gorgeous your work is to see.


  2. I just love the blanket.
    I have no idea about different types of yarn..I never could get the hang of knitting and crocheting..but I would imagine such a huge difference in the weight would be a challenge. But it looks like the blanket is gonna be awesome!


    1. Yes, it’s going to be wonderful and it’s very squishy. Part of the problem with the yarn- it is so thick I can only make 2 stitches before I have to pull out more yarn. The large hook is hard on my hand, too. Glad you like it.


  3. Those hats look wonderful, you do such amazing knitting work. And so fast!

    Someone gave me a skein of the bernat blanket and it took me 2 years to finally use it for something. I ended up using it to make the hooded cowl last year for when I walk to work. Ugh. I am was just like you, I won’t waste it, but I never want to use it again! Blech. It’s so soft and squishy though.


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