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TTMT #544 – Crud & Craft

I neglected to mention that I will not be at Quilt Festival in Houston this year. I do plan to be at QuiltCon in Austin in February!


9 thoughts on “TTMT #544 – Crud & Craft

  1. Rest rest rest lady, you need to be well!

    I am so very glad you got to do some quilting. I hope to be doing that soon myself. It’s been such a weird year for the crafting and life in general.

    The 2.5″ strips is just fantastic. I need to do more pre-cutting. but I do have a bag of strips cut from earlier this year. Love my cutter so much!


  2. Hoping you’re feeling better! I’m also rocking a cold right now.. it’s the worst! (I mean, not the worst, lots of things are worse, but it sure sucks anyway.)

    The disappearing nine patch looks great. The colours are great.


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