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TTMT #331 – jewells68 – October 29, 2019 – Mysterious Progress

I did it! I actually got caught up on the Project Linus 2019 Mystery Quit and completed the layout of the top. This was a fun one. I made several blocks I’d never made before and used up a decent amount of my batik stash, at least until my awesome BFF Jennifer decided to replenish my stash with a bulging box of fabrics from her own stash. Now I just need to find another project for my NEW batiks, thanks for sharing, these fabrics are gorgeous!

10 thoughts on “TTMT #331 – jewells68 – October 29, 2019 – Mysterious Progress

    1. I think I’m pretty much decided on just a 2.5″ border to wrap it all up. Maybe I’ll go cut that now.

      OMG that bad thing about time off is I’m getting a not so great attitude at work. The patience levels are dwindling! lol


    2. That’s so weird. I know I replied to this comment already but it’s not showing up. Anyway, I’ve decided for sure to do the black border. Going to cut it this morning before work I think.

      OMG the time off. My patience is wearing thin with these people, lol.

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  1. Your hair looks adorable! Your sister knows your head. I wish I had someone that knew mine. 😂

    Love, love, love the finish. You really knocked it one out! The fabrics you used really are yummy together.

    Happy Crafting! BFFs are the best!


    1. Thank you! Yes my sister does know my head. She’s good at what she does. Jennifer can attest to that. She even cut Jen’s hair back in the day! I’ve been loving having it just short enough to not constantly be caught in things like seatbelts, purse straps, etc.

      This year I just really didn’t have a million other projects going on at the same time, so I made a point of trying to finish. Going to go cut my border strips right now.


    1. border is going on today! And I think I’m going to finish up at least the blocks for last year’s mystery that I never finished while I am on vacation this week. I just have to gather all my stuff together.


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