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TTMT #330 – jewells68 – October 22, 2019 – Granny Squared

The great granny square afghan is done and turned in. I joined all the squares with slip stitch on the back, and then joined all the rows the same way. It made a pretty good size blanket. About 47″x53″. Now I’m just working on finishing up the previous two weeks of the Project Linus Mystery quilt so I can get it put together as soon as they release the layout this Saturday! Plus another crochet blanket is in progress, thanks to a tutorial by Bella Coco on youtube. You can find her tutorials on her website … See you next week!

9 thoughts on “TTMT #330 – jewells68 – October 22, 2019 – Granny Squared

    1. I only wish I had felt well enough to sew last night, but sleep was the order for the evening.

      I am SO glad that blanket is done and turned in. I can’t believe that dragged on for so many months but it was too hot to work with yarn for a very long time this year.

      I will reach my goal one way or another. I certainly have enough tops done, it’s finishing them that seems to be the problem. but soon.

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  1. If I’m crocheting for myself I prefer the flat no seam feel of join as you go but sometimes you just want It done and out of the house. I think the slip stitch method works very well and the ridge isn’t a problem. If It were to be a textile issue for whomever receives It they can always flip It over. High five for getting It done!!

    I love the pop of yellow for your quilt. I’ve enjoyed seeing the new blocks each week. I have the 2.5” strip die and I love It. It is a bit long to store but it’s worth It. Awesome birthday gift.


    1. I slip stitched through the outermost loops, which made it really mostly flat on the back essentially unnoticeable on the front. Very glad to have it done and out of my house, lol.

      I love the 2.5 in die, I’ve used it more than any other die I own. As they go on sale or I have gift cards I will gradually buy more strip dies. I want a 3.5″ and 4.5″ for sure. I use those two sizes for borders fairly regularly. Maybe even a 6.5″ eventually, who knows!


  2. Yay for finishing the granny square blanket. I really like it. It’s definitely is a lot of squares. I tend to let things like that drag on for ever.

    You are rocking and rolling on the Linus mystery quilt. Nice! I love the fabrics you are using for it.


    1. I don’t know if I have ever been as glad to see the back of a project as I was with that granny square blanket. I did like how it looked in the end, though.

      I may work on last year’s Mystery quilt while I’m on vacation. Need to get all my fabrics together.


  3. I always love a granny square… just about the only thing I have from my dad’s mom is a granny square afghan she made me.. it’s made of terrible, scratchy yarn so it never gets used, but I can’t get rid of it. It looks a lot like the one you made though – bright colours with black – so you’ve just reminded me of it 😀


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