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TTMT #89 – Just 2 things

Project Linus QAL and getting the monster graduation quilt from Molly.


6 thoughts on “TTMT #89 – Just 2 things

  1. How fun to find out that you’re also working on the Project Linus Mystery Quilt. I’ve had lots of fun watching Jewells’ come together and now I’ll get to see yours, too!

    I love, love, love the quilting on your daughter’s graduation quilt. The whole thing is just so lovely and personal!


    1. Thank you. If I had had the time, you would have seen weekly updates on the PL Mystery. But you’re all caught up with me now. I am so pleased with the graduation quilt, and will get it bound so she can have it when she’s ready.

      I have something fun planned for tomorrow (I’ll put it on Instagram tomorrow and TTMT on Tuesday). I got a “panel” of 4 placemats on sale at for $4.99 (I needed to spend a few more bucks to get free shipping). I am going to do the ENTIRE thing on Molly–all 4 at once! I’m going to put binding on them, then quilt them, then put a backing on (RST), THEN remove them from Molly, cut them apart, flip them, and close the opening. I really think I can make 4 placemats in no time at all. Just thought this was something you would enjoy…so stay tuned! $4.99 plus scraps plus (I’m hoping) very little time for 4 placemats.

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  2. Sounds like things got a little frustrating with quilting… but the quilt looks great! Looks like it’ll be a beast to sew binding onto; it’s so big!

    It’ll be fun to see how your Linus mystery quilt looks. It looks like a really cute pattern.

    Sounds like you’re really ticking along with the tree in the window quilt. It’s very pretty.


    1. Thanks. I’m quilting every day again now, and it feels SOOOO good. I was hoping to sew the binding to the front of the graduation quilt before taking it off the longarm, and this is the first time I have not done that. But…I hadn’t cut the binding yet and just wanted it OFF the machine. So yes, it will be a beast to bind. I do have a new binding foot that sews the front and back at the same time on a domestic machine, and this may be the project to try it on. By the time I finish it, I will either be very experienced with the new foot or will have decided never to use it again. You know.
      I am really enjoying the Linus mystery. Clues come out on Saturday, and next Saturday is the last one. This week is just sorta maintenance, putting things we made in earlier weeks together into bigger blocks, so next week should be the final assembly I think. But who knows? It’s a mystery. I think they will be cute regardless.

      I am really enjoying the tree int he window. That’s actually a contest at my local quilt shop, so I can’t say how I’m going to quilt it yet. But I’m really looking forward to the “custom quilting” I hope to do. I have about 3-4 weeks to finish it. It’s my first attic window (no pattern, just winged it) and I really like how it turned out. Even though there will be a lot of quilting on it, each part of it is not that big (background, star, windows, walls, and the tree will be done in several different pieces). So I don’t think I’ll get bored with it. We’ll see. I hope to start quilting it in the next week.

      It’s so good to be back with my friends!


  3. I have seen you encouraging people along in the PL Mystery FB group so I knew you were working on it too. It’s fun to see the alternatives people do there. I hurt my wrist yesterday so I’m not sure exactly how much more I’m going to get done by Tuesday’s video but we shall see.

    Wow that graduation quilt is HUGE! Are you planning to machine bind the whole thing? Because you might get trapped underneath if you try to finish it by hand. πŸ˜‰ I’m sure she will treasure that quilt though. It’s so personal.


    1. I now see the risk of trying to bind it by hand. I’m going to try my new binding foot (completely by machine) to avoid that risk.
      You know that nursing an injured risk needs to take priority, but once it’s better I’ll be looking forward to seeing your progress. Can’t wait to see all the pieces come together for all of our completely different looks.


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