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TTMT#116-A little something to show

The Jane Stickle quilt at the Bennington Museum.


5 thoughts on “TTMT#116-A little something to show

  1. The raffle quilt is so fun! I think it’ll be a huge hit. I think that if you bind it in black, that’ll calm down the stars a bit.

    Woo for a baby quilt finish, it looks so sweet.

    I like your 1/4 log cabins. Very cute!

    I hope you can find a replacement so you can move on to other things you’d like to do. Best of luck with your meeting!

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  2. I love the musical quilt. I think it’s going to be a big hit.
    I really think the baby quilt is wonderful and sweet. I am a big fan of using stripes in binding, especially for kids’ quilts.


  3. The musical quilt is just delightful! I think whoever wins that raffle will be so thrilled.

    The baby quilt is so sweet, too, and I’m in love with that stripey binding. Perfect choice.

    Definitely support your decision to try to step back from the show work–hope it goes smoothly!


  4. I agree with Jennifer that a black binding might help tie the black stars in a little more… the quilt does look great, though!

    The baby quilt looks very sweet. I love a striped binding – it’s always a great finish.

    The log cabins would look great on point.. it’s a great idea.


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