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TTMT #541 – Stuff to Show!


4 thoughts on “TTMT #541 – Stuff to Show!

  1. I’m so glad you found time to turn those blocks into a quilt top. I’m sure it feels good to have it one step closer to done. Progress of any kind feels good when you have so much going on.

    Pren’s quilts were fantastic. Shannon did a fantastic job quilting them and they are terrific nd some child is going to really love each and every one.

    October I think is ALWAYS crazy for you because of Linus at the very least. This one is different from the rest, but you are making it happen and just keep pushing through on day at a time. By the time the auction has come and gone that will be more things done and dusted!

    OMG those orange floofs… get a room boys! And those ducks were cracking me up. 2 taking a serious bath and then the other one just wants to nap and is trying to completely ignore them.

    *glomps and hugs*


  2. I’m glad you were able to sneak in a little sewing therapy. I am sure you needed that little break.

    Pren’s quilts are lovely!

    I hope that the doctors can figure out what happened with Sarah, how to prevent it from happening again and how to progress from here.

    Ramses and Iliad had my laughing so hard! Cats are such funny people. And those ducks! Are you sure they weren’t performing a mating dance for the totally disinterested duck on the shore?


    1. I definitely need more sewing in my life. Soon, soon!

      We’re still waiting for test results and there will be more tests next week. Hopefully we’ll know something soon!

      My cats have such big personalities. They make me silly happy.


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