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TTMT #328 – jewells68 – October 8, 2019 – A Forest of Trees

In which I show you my blocks so far in the Project Linus Mystery quilt for this year. Weeks 1-3 are complete! Meanwhile I’m working away on turning ALL.THOSE.GRANNY.SQUARES. into a blanket to turn in a week from Saturday, so that I can move on to week 4’s pattern for the mystery quilt, 2 log cabins.

8 thoughts on “TTMT #328 – jewells68 – October 8, 2019 – A Forest of Trees

  1. I love your blocks SO MUCH and I think you made a good call on making the “smaller” quilt. Small, my foot!

    I shall remind you of your 10 months of granny squares the next time you’re in the mood to make them. 😉


    1. Smaller quilt is still bigger than what I normally make for linus, lol.

      Please do. Have to weave in the ends on two more blocks and then it’s time to join them all together.


  2. Smaller seems like a good idea, at least if you plan to donate it. I agree that the close-to-batiks are close enough… they definitely blend in anyway. I love the bears too, they look great.


    1. I feel like as long as it fits in nicely with the batiks it will work well. The bears are so cute. If I’m going to do any amount more of applique I think I should really invest in a pair of short sharp fabric scissors. It was really challenging going around some of those smaller parts with my normal big fabric scissors!


  3. The woodsy quilt is adorable; I especially love those bears. I don’t blame you for making a smaller one but if you want to make just a few extra blocks you could make the preteen quilt and a baby/toddler quilt too. I see no problem with combining batiks and blenders.

    It was really nice of them to move Linus up a week so you wouldn’t have to stress too much over finishing the blanket.

    Great news about getting together more often with your sis and bro. That is precious time! As someone who has lost all 3 of her sibs, my biggest regret is that we didn’t get together more often.


    1. The bears are, I think, my favorite so far. The so-called “smaller” quilt is still 51″x69″ so I’ll just save my leftover blocks for my next retreat, maybe, and piece them, or let someone else piece them, into another quilt with some other orphan blocks. That’s always fun.

      It’s like they knew! lol. I’m having a heck of a time deciding how I’m joining these squares. I hven’t liked anything I’ve tried so far. I might end up going ahead and just sewing them together.

      Having lost both our parents (Mom 6 years ago, dad 16 years ago), we are trying to at the very least stay in better touch with each other. But I am definitely wishing we weren’t living so far apart. My sister is thinking they might even stay longer than December. We are spending time together when we can because you never know when you’ll lose the opportunity.


    1. The cabin is next, I haven’t even cut out my pattern on that yet, but there are only two blocks so hopefully I can get that done this weekend and get started on today’s clue, whatever that is. It should be released in about an hour. Although there have been all sorts of hints that this week is going to be really difficult. A camper would be fun though!


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