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No Video Update – 10.4.19

I have been meaning to get a video recorded but life has not cooperated this week. Had a fantastic time with my sister and brother last weekend, but, I swear, I take one day off work and the whole place falls apart. I’ve spent all this week trying to put everything back together.

Project Linus Mystery Quilt: Last week’s trees are all paper-pieced but I still need to add the side borders. I have printed this past weekend’s instructions… it’s only 2 blocks this week, thank goodness, so I should be able to get caught up before Saturday evening.

I can’t say enough about how much fun my sibs and I had this weekend. We really need to make sure we don’t wait 5+ years to get together next time. We are talking about doing something like this every couple of years at the very least. The workshops were really informative yet fun, and the concert Friday night, I can’t even describe it. I did take quite a bit of video footage only to be reminded that my phone doesn’t like filming in landscape mode. So let me tell you a bit about these guys: Beat-lele. They all live in Hawaii. They are a Beatles tribute, but instead of 3 guitars and drums it’s 3 ukuleles and the drummer plays the cajon, which is a sort of wooden box that has one or two holes and it also has guitar strings on the inside that help it sound more like drums. Instead of being one of those tribute bands that wear wigs and costumes to look like the real band, they instead concentrate on making their SOUND as close to the original Beatles recordings as possible. One of my all time favorite Beatles songs is Eleanor Rigby, on which the Beatles never actually played any instruments, but instead were accompanied by a string ensemble. These guys have translated the string parts onto their ukes. I am not exaggerating when I say that the live version of this song gave me goosebumps. So here is a professional recording of it for your listening pleasure.

4 thoughts on “No Video Update – 10.4.19

    1. They were truly amazing. I got to take a couple of workshops with the “george” of the band and he was really sweet and showing me chords and things. Just a good time all round.


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