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TTMT #540 – October?!


8 thoughts on “TTMT #540 – October?!

  1. I have no idea what’s going on with Sarah (forgot the code to see her posts) but I do know you’re an awesome friend and she’s blessed to have you support her. Hopefully things will get better for her.

    I kept getting distracted by the raccoon block behind you – I collect raccoon stuff and haven’t seen that one.


    1. We’re hoping to share more when we have some answers. You’re always welcome to email and ask. 🙂 The raccoon is part of a panel I bought a couple of months ago. It has several different animals on it and I keep refolding it because it’s so cute!


  2. I frequently am thinking of all the things going on at your end with Sarah and the kitties and Linus and just want to come hug you all. I’m amazed you get any crocheting done at all frankly. I’m glad you are trying to keep up the videos and and that we got to see Sarah this week.

    OMG the cuteness of Mabel bathing Iliad is almost overwhelming!


    1. Sometimes I just have to sit and think. When I do, crochet! I think I need to keep making videos to stay sane. It really does help to have a time marker, too. The days have been kind of bleeding together.

      My cats looove each other. Now if they’d just love Sarah’s cats! ♥


  3. The blankets are turning out so cute. Glad your able to check in every now and then. Right now I know things feel hectic, but stay positive. You will be on the other side of this before you know it.


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