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TTMT #34 last minute quilt for my grandson

5 thoughts on “TTMT #34 last minute quilt for my grandson

  1. You’re such a good grandma. I’m sure that’s going your grandson’s quilt will be just perfect for him.

    Shingles…oh no! I had a friend have shingles and he was miserable. I really hope you heal up really soon!


  2. I think you can get shingle anywhere on your body just like Chicken pox. I hope you help fast and rent to uncomfortable. My mom had a horrible case on her face, eye lid, and scalp. It was terrible for her.

    His quilt will be great! Looking forward to seeing it.

    Have a good week


  3. I’m sure your grandson will love his quilt. Flannel is my favorite for backing.

    I’m sorry about the shingles. You can get it anywhere on your body. My mom had it once, all over her torso, it was so uncomfortable. So hopefully yours will be limited to your thumb! Just know it is contagious while you have the blisters. Thankfully not as bad as the actual chicken pox. The bandage should help a lot with that.


  4. Haha.. hope you get everything together quickly for your grandson… nothing like a deadline to get things done, right?!

    Shingles sounds awful.. sorry to hear you’ve been hit with it! Are you able to get the vaccine for it so you can avoid it in the future?


  5. I’m THIS far behind on videos. I really hope you got the quilt done for your grandson–I bet you did, and I’ll find out in future (past for you) videos.
    I had a TERRIBLE case of shingles a few years ago (brought on by stress), and I didn’t think I would ever be the same. I trust you are all healed up now! Sorry I missed this at the time, but I was indisposed.


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