TTMT Video

TTMT #539 – Moving Right Along


5 thoughts on “TTMT #539 – Moving Right Along

  1. The granny square is beautiful.

    That’s a bunch of kitties. You live in the middle of everything. Sounds perfect for a young adult.


  2. All extremities are crossed that you get a non-flake to respond today. That is so frustrating.

    I loved seeing the actual night vision video footage of Yvaine. She is so cute. Poor scared baby. I’m glad you caught her and movd her upstairs with her human mama.

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  3. Your granny square joins are not only interesting, but just a very attractive solution. Glad you could share it.
    I think kitties know when circumstances are serious and play along well necessary.
    I am LOVING the Rankin & Bass QAL, but am WAY behind on it. I’ll get caught up, though.
    And…I’m back to watching TTMT videos, but really far behind. I’ll get caught up on that, too.


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