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TTMT #327 – jewells68 – September 24, 2019 – Candy Wrappers, Trees, and Bear Paws, Oh My!

In which you see the beginnings of week 2 of the Project Linus Mystery Quilt, as well as week 2 from last year’s mystery quilt, which I abandoned while in the process of piecing week 2. That’s pretty much all the craftiness going on over here.

I hope you all can squeeze at least a bit of craftiness in here and there… See you next week!


14 thoughts on “TTMT #327 – jewells68 – September 24, 2019 – Candy Wrappers, Trees, and Bear Paws, Oh My!

  1. I love that you’re working on both quilts at the same time. They are two very different looking projects! It’s always fun to work on a skill-building project. At some point, I need more of that in my life. Today is not that day!

    It’s the first time in a while I haven’t been super excited about October being right around the corner. Hopefully, I will be by the time it actually gets here!


    1. There are so many things sitting here needing to be worked on, but when I came across I was just like, ok!
      Yeah, October has lost it’s glory, except for the temps around here which are getting to be really nice. Here’s to one more thing being done tomorrow.

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  2. I like the trees with the bear paws. One day I would like to make a quilt of just trees I think I would rather go 3D with the candies too.


    1. The trees are coming along. I think I’m going to pick my 10 favorites and 3 favorite paws and do the smaller version of the quilt, and save the leftovers for another quilt later.

      The candies seemed really difficult to me at the time, and when I pulled the pattern out this time, it just clicked.


    1. The candies are 100% traditionally pieced. They turned out to be way easier than I expected. The good thing about this mystery quilt along each year is they do an intsructional video for each week’s blocks.


  3. Those are coming along nicely. I like the theme of them being so different each year. The technique variation always intimidates me a tad. I hate the idea of getting half through and not finishing over a technique. I’d rather fail right off 😂
    You can certainly use both bear paws and trees in plenty other quilts if you have extra.

    Have a blast with the sibs. Can’t wait to hear about it next week.


    1. That’s kinda what stopped me last year. It just kind of seemed overwhelming, although they usually offer alternative methods for folks that aren’t feeling as adventurous, lol. But I’m done with that. No fear! It’s all in fun, lol. And I didn’t buy any fabric this time for it anyway, so just usin up that stash. And I’m not even sure I’ll do the whole quilt from last year, I might end up just doing certain blocks and then putting them into a smaller baby quilt.

      We are currently group msging on FB about our plans for the weekend.I just reminded everyone that Total wine is a short walk from the hotel. Ahem. Have made alternate grocery shopping plans with my husband and daughter for when I get home Sunday afternoon. Getting kind of silly excited.

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  4. That is a pretty large quilt for the Linus mystery! You could maybe turn that into two quilts… I guess it depends how it all comes together.

    What a big variation from one year to the next… I mean, that’s probably a good thing, so people don’t feel like it’s all samey same and get bored. Fun to see last year’s bits come back in to play, anyway!


    1. Last year’s was really cutesey cute. A lot of people are being very “lodge”-ey with this one and making it plaids and homespun, etc, but then there are a few using more modern prints and I’m not the only person using batiks and scraps.


  5. I like that you found last year’s and are doing both. That’s fun. Yes, the different techniques on each block is fun for me. I don’t use a technique for too long at a time, so this is good for me. I have seen a lot of last year’s as they are being finished, and it is a good design. 17 trees is a LOT. I’m making 2 of this year’s, so that a TON of treas for me. I did them in an assembly line (after the first one), and that really helped. I also did all of the mine the same, although I wasn’t going to. I found a piece of leftover backing and liked the first one, so they all just ended up the same. I’m being on videos (I’m sure you didn’t notice), so I’m looking forward to seeing your 2 progress. I really like that everyone’s Logey Bear quilts are SOOOO personal to their styles. This is a really fun (and easy and fast) mystery quilt.


    1. I haven’t actually worked on last year’s since finishing that block but I might once I get caught up on this year’s. And I didn’t actually finish 17 trees, I decided to just finish 10. So I’m doing the “small” quilt now.


      1. The small one may be just what you need. Or, you may see the layout on Saturday and decide to make 7 more trees. We’ll see.


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