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TTMT #55 This and That



6 thoughts on “TTMT #55 This and That

  1. Retreats are always fun! I am just about ready to start checking out guilds. I think most of them are kind of a drive from me. I think I did find one about 25-30 minutes away. I’ll try to get to them in this month or next for sure.

    The Make a Wish top is nice. I like the color way you choose and the variety of blocks.

    The Halloween quilt is adorable! You find really cute projects.

    I hope your glasses arrive soon. I just got new ones. It took forever to get them, but my eyes are super happy. Stay Dry!


  2. The make a wish quilt looks great! And I want to know more about that design wall, I love the grid. Is that flannel?

    I love the Halloween appliques… that’s going to be a really fun quilt!


  3. A quilt retreat is JUST what I need right now. That would just be fabulous!
    The Boo Crew is adorable. You’re going to have so much fun with that one!
    Your Make a Wish quilt turned out just beautiful! Great work.


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