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TTMT #537 – Doing Some Things


9 thoughts on “TTMT #537 – Doing Some Things

  1. Oh that tail of floof 🤗

    Doing the silent auction stuff is probably a nice thing to break up what going on and obviously something you love!

    I will be done with the tops next week I think. So maybe we can swap these for more when we meet up. I will happily keeping doing Linus tops.

    Hang in there and send some love to Sarah too!

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    1. I love those floofy tails! 😀

      I neglected to say I have Silent Auction stuff EVERYWHERE. Fortunately, my pb is a very patient guy.

      The next Linus meeting is Sept 21. I’ll get in touch with our quilting coordinator and let her know. If at all possible, I’d love to meet up soon after, that would be amazing!

      Love has been sent! ♥

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  2. I am glad you can work on something you enjoy in between all of life’s things. It’s fun to come up with names and themes for baskets!

    Boo on the wrist, but when you gotta rest you gotta rest. I feel your pain.

    hugs to everyone. Or high fives. Whichever they prefer. 😉

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