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TTMT #325 – jewells68 – September 10, 2019 – Slowing Down

In which you can see a bit more progress on the Halloween Quilt #2, and I talk about Project Linus, Ukuleles, and Other Things.

9 thoughts on “TTMT #325 – jewells68 – September 10, 2019 – Slowing Down

    1. The last time the three of us spent time together it was when we were clearing out mom’s house to sell it after she passed away, so this is a much happier reason for a reunion!

      I’m really just fiddling around with this quilt because I’m procrastinating on other things, lol

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  1. Oh how fun to have everyone together for the Fest! That would certainly be a big incentive to pull the Ukulele out.

    I have gotten exactly zero minutes of sewing in this week. Life just keeps handing life things to deal with.

    I like what you have going on with the Halloween top. It’s a really rich palette and really different compared to most Halloween fabric out there. It’s pretty.

    Crossing my finger you get time to get the stitch regulator hooked up.


    1. We are way past due for a hang out, the three of us, so I’m really looking forward to it!

      I love the vintage/retro feel of the halloween fabric. In fact, it’s really just rich fall colors, if you don’t look too closely you might not even notice it’s a halloween quilt!

      without going into much detail, by the looks of the new regulator I received, i think they sold me a really old one, possible used, even, and told me it was new. but i don’t know that for a fact. So I’m looking forward to trying out the new one, but I need a time when I won’t feel rushed to install it.

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      1. Wow that,is really crappy of they did that! At least Grace has been a stand up company. I would need that kind of time to do it as well. Just an open day to take it all in.

        That was my impression of the colors in it as well. Very pretty. One of the things I will miss from NC is the the absolutely stunning fall colors. It was always breathtaking and a long show of fall colors. Otherwise I’m completely good with skipping winter.


  2. Hmmmm. I could almost see some lavender squares in there… If not, I might just mail you some orange. Ehem. 😉

    I am SO GLAD you get to see your brother. Woo!

    I’m waiting with bated breath to hear if that freaking Stitch Regulator works!


    1. I tried a bunch of different purples and greens and oranges, these were the ones I felt worked really well. So please do not send me any orange, I’m trying to get rid of fabric, lol

      Very excited for the upcoming sibling weekend. A much better reason for us to reunite than last time.

      Me too! I just need to find a time when I’m not rushed so I won’t get too stressed out. The last thing i want to do is have a nosebleed all over my lovely white frame!

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  3. Adding some blenders into the Halloween quilt is a great idea… the colours you’ve got up there really seem to work well!

    Sounds like the sibling weekend will be fun.. enjoy!

    Fingers crossed for the stitch regulator!


    1. I’ve decided to go with the snowball corners, so I cut a bunch of squares and marked them for chain piecing. So a bit of progress there.

      Sadly my frame is starting to look like some sort of frankenstein’s monster. I got the encoder installed just fine on the top carriage, but it is physically impossible to install the one encoder on my bottom carriage. And so I just sent another nice long email full of photos to try to demonstrate the problem.*sigh*


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