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TTMT 9/4/19: No Video Wednesday

I finished all the blocks.  I redid Piggy and am much happier with her. I’ve got them on the design wall and now have to square them up.  That will mean adding a little extra background to some of them. I am so happy with the way it it is coming along but I want to wait until  I’m finished before the big reveal! 

Garrick took us to his room to show off his stuff.  He would bring the right toys when asked to bring his trucks or certain stuffed animals.  He was able to point to a specific planet when you asked where’s Mars or Mercury or Saturn.  But best of all he went and got a book and his mom asked him where certain characters were and he’d go through the book and find them.  It was a Sesame Street book.  This made me soooooo happy!

I am happy that Robin wasn’t too badly affected by the hurricane and am hoping  our friends and families that are now or have been in his path are okay as well.

Love you guys!  Have a safe, healthy, crafty week!!!!!

3 thoughts on “TTMT 9/4/19: No Video Wednesday

  1. Your Sesame Street is my favorite quilt I’m watching right now. I just love that. Sounds like Garrick is doing great. I’m so glad he’s into Sesame Street.


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