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TTMT #536 – Paneling


6 thoughts on “TTMT #536 – Paneling

  1. So happy to hear you are up and running with your mid arm. It’s always a little angst producing when they come back to see if they are operating correctly.

    I haven’t used poly batt but I don’t plan on it either based on everything I hear about it.

    Been thinking about you both. I hope the time waiting goes quickly and answers come easy.

    Hugs 🤗


  2. The little quilts are adorable! I’ve tried using poly batting once; I disliked it very much! Never again.
    I’m glad your quilter is back and running and hope it is running smoothly soon.
    I know Sarah and you are going nuts not knowing what is going on. I do hope you find the answers soon as to what can be done to make that beautiful feel all better really soon! Take care – both of you!!!


  3. This is my one video to watch today. Should be able to film in the morning, but today was crazy as you know and then I ended up working late sooooooo. Tomorrow!

    The bunny quilt is my favorite of these panels, but they all look great. So glad you got your machine back so you can at least quilt here and there for some crafty therapy. That blue yarn is so beautiful and there are so many fantastic yarns that look good with that I’m sure you will come across something perfect when you get the chance.

    All the love to you all. hug after hug. Daily hoping for a cancellation to get her into the specialist sooner rather than later.


  4. NO MORE YARN!!!! I cannot even imagine how that could be possible!!! 😜
    Soooo glad you can quilt again. Not having what you need for happiness is very tough. I’m having a slight problem with that, too, without working glasses.

    Hugs to you and Sarah.


    1. I donated most of my yarn to Linus when my rsi was really bad earlier this year. I did finally order some so I can crochet a bit here and there. I’m finding making granny squares keeps me from crocheting too long because I have so many good stopping places!

      Hugs are very much appreciated. 💜


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