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Ttmt #49 Crafty Breaks Required!

8 thoughts on “Ttmt #49 Crafty Breaks Required!

  1. The quilting looks so good! Ah, I just love what you did. I hope I can arrange a meet up for quilt retrieval, but it will depend entirely on our current circumstances. The car situation is resolved, but the people situation definitely is not. Anyway, you do not have to do binding unless you *really* want to. We have a binding crew who will be happy to do that.

    I’m so glad that you are getting a little bit of time to be crafty. It definitely helps.

    Fingers cross on your fridge and definitely on your insurance claim!


    1. We can definitely make it a meet up for quilt retrieval. It’s not a hurry or I can come your way.

      My new refrigerator should be here next week …fingers crossed. Meanwhile we unplug it every few hours to reset the compressor. I got completely wrapped up in the DMV the last two days. So I managed to get the plates and license off my list. The funny part was the reissued the same DL number I had 20 years ago.
      Which I guess struck me funny that it was in the system still.

      If I’m being honest I will work out today and sew. I’ll pretend the insurance claim isn’t screaming at me from the other room to get moving!

      Hang in there!

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  2. That is exactly what our 7yo fridge was doing when we replaced it. And we actually lived with it that way for months, lol, becasue we had a smaller fridge with a working freezer in another room of the house. And I don’t think our new fridge will last anywhere CLOSE to 7 years. New appliances are made to DIE. It stinks.

    I am so glad you took some time for yourself because doing all the adult things all the time really can burn you out.

    I have done that once with two quilts, and it was definitely something I would try again if I still had a big enough frame. It’s great when you have backing that works well for both quilts. And the quilting on the Poohbear quilt is so perfect!

    After all my excitement I never even tested any blocks for the Rank Bass qal, so you are WAY ahead of me, lol.


    1. They have agreed to replace the refrigerator. It will be hopefully be here next, but it’s on its way. I would have been less annoyed living with it had it not been brand new. We bought 3 new appliances and 2 had problems. The dryer was fixed straight away but the refrigerator has been a thorn.

      I haven’t got a lick of sewing done since I posted. Between stupid DMV stuff and countless hours working through the game of “Whoses an in-network provider” it’s been a week. Hopefully we get some crafty time this week. Moving is like childbirth for me. I always forget the discomfort u til,I’m in it. Haha


  3. You do seem to be much calmer after having spent the time crafting. Sorry it didn’t last long (reading your other comments) Car license and driver license is enough to drive you nuts alone, but then you get to add the moving problems, too. You seem pretty calm now.
    Take care –


  4. What kind of long arm snaps did you purchase for your machine? I’ve seen Rene’s and was wondering what you have chosen. Thanks for your time.


    1. I got Renae’s Red Snappers. I bought them from Nancy’s Notions. I have used them a few times now. I didn’t leave quite a enough fabric on it the first time & had to reload the quilt back to grab it better. I otherwise have loved them. It’s so much faster than loading with pins. I don’t have any experience with other systems to compare them. I am happy with them.


  5. The quilting on the Winnie the Pooh quilt is super cute.. works perfectly. Funky is a good word for the fabrics in that second quilt… I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it before. Those are some wild prints.


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