TTMT Video

TTMT #32 9-3-19

Getting things ready for the Cathedral Window quilt. Practicing my FMQ and working with the Flynn Quilt Frame.

6 thoughts on “TTMT #32 9-3-19

  1. Congratulations on your Flynn frame! I’ve gotten to see John Flynn at different quilt shows over the years and it’s always so neat to watch how his system works. I hope you really enjoy it and that it makes fmq more fun for you.


  2. I have tried that frame out at quilt shows and it was weird for me after having used a frame where you move the machine rather than the quilt. I think this is a great solution for you because you can also use this frame for hand quilting, so if you end up not liking it for machine quilting you can still use it for your hand-quilting pieces. You definitely still need to have your backing be at least 1-2 inches bigger on all 4 sides just in case. I was seriously considering this frame but becasue I was already used to moving the machine, I opted for the Grace Qzone hoop frame. My pfaff is a similar machine to yours and it’s nice to have that 8 inch throat indeed! I am confident you will make this work for you because you already seem to have a knack for it. One thing I noticed while testing it out was it seemed to work better for me when doing a smaller pattern rather than a large swooping one.

    Have fun with your new system!


  3. I had this frame before I got my first mid arm. I never got completely comfortable with it. I gave it away right before I moved. It was one of those things in my attic I forgot about until we were moving. I could have sent it to you. It was better than dragging the quilt top around for sure. I never thought to put rulers not eh ends. I’m sure that would have helped tremendously. I think I would used it more if we stayed in Ohio. I didn’t have room for even a mid arm there.

    Happy Crafting


  4. Sounds like you are having fun learning about your new frame. Learning new things takes time. I know I want to figure it out quickly and then get frustrated when I takes longer than I planned. You seem to be thinking realistically about how to move forward. Good luck.


  5. I’ve had that Flynn frame bookmarked for age to try to look into to help with quilting… I’ll be interested to see how you feel about it over time. It sounds like you’re taking it pretty methodically to learn how to do the FMQ on it. You are so capable with all things crafty I’m sure it’s going to go really well!


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