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No Video This Week

Hi all,

Don’t have anything to show. I’ve been working on some hats and blankets but nothing new to show. I got a request to see the whole temperature blanket, so I took a picture.

Here is my color chart. I personalized it instead of using what other people used. It’s warmer here so instead of 10 degree ranges I used 5 degrees. The color temps are grouped closer to 10 degree ranges.

Temperature is taken at noon each day. Thought that would give me a more realistic temp instead of just the hottest time of day.

  • 96 & above orange
  • 91-95 yellow 
  • 81-90 lime
  • 76-80 purple
  • 71-75 burgundy 
  • 66-70 turquoise
  • 61-65 sage green 
  •  51-60 robin’s egg blue  
  • 41-50 blue/gray country blue 
  • 40 & below dk blue

It’s interesting to see it visually instead of just a number.



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