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TTMT#111-Just a little bit

6 thoughts on “TTMT#111-Just a little bit

  1. Your quilting looks great so far! Whether you end up doing pebbles or not, I’m sure it’ll look great. I’m a big fan of contrasting thread on the quilt back because I really like to see the quilting pop! Feel better & happy quilting. 😊


  2. When I use black on the front I use black extra fine weight bobbin thread in the bobbin, because even though it is black it disappears into the back more than using the same thread weight on top and bottom. And because it’s black, it hides any tension problems on the front.

    Your quilting looks great! I bought a ruler and ruler foot earlier this year and had nothing but trouble with it.Your circles look fantastic. You might just echo the circles to fill in that space.

    Feel better and enjoy your sewing time!


  3. Hope you and your husband are feeling better.

    The quilt looks very nice!

    Sewing pebbles is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. My suggestions if you haven’t done it before are first to practice on a scrap sandwich, and then…
    – decide what’s the smallest size pebble you want to make and then don’t worry about any gap smaller than that or you might find yourself making tinier and tinier pebbles trying to fill in gaps… as long as your smallest pebble is as big as or bigger than the biggest gaps, they will just blend in from a distance
    – make sure you make a full circle (sometimes people peel off before they’ve gone the full loop around the circle, which makes a tight meander, which is fine, as long as that’s what you’re hoping to see!)
    – make your circles in opposite directions each time (you’ll get smoother, rounder circles that way, if you try to always go clockwise or counter-clockwise you’ll get jerkier fits and starts in the transitions between pebbles).

    Anyway, the downside to doing pebbles in that space is that you might find it tedious. It’s a real thread eater and depending what size you’re making the pebbles it can take FOREVER. It can be particularly tough if you can’t see your thread on the fabric very easily. It does look amazing though!

    I’m sure whatever you decide will be great. You could just do an outline stitch around your fleur de lys if you don’t want to go too dense.


  4. Oh no feel better.

    I love the quilting you’ve done on it. I never use two different threads. Inevitably they show on one side or the other. It looks good on the back with the contrast. It definitely would not be worth the contrasting thread popping on the front.

    Happy Crafting & feel better


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