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TTMT 8/27/19: Blocks (nearly) done

13 thoughts on “TTMT 8/27/19: Blocks (nearly) done

  1. I am getting so excited at seeing all those muppets sewn together, that’s going to be such a fantastic quilt!

    I have struggled with the quarter inch seams myself working on a vintage machine. I think what’s most important is that your seams in your blocks are consistent rather than 1/4″. So if they are a hair smaller, as long as they are the same amount smaller it’s not a big deal. But I have got mine marked with blue painter’s tape on my machine at the 1/4″ mark AND I have a metal screw-in seam guide lined up with the blue tape to help me go faster without losing the seam, since I can’t get a true qtr inch piecing foot for my old Kenmore (the needle homes left, so none of those feet work to give an accurate seam on this dang machine).


    1. If I’m sewing along the edge of the fabric, I can get pretty close to a 1/4″ seam. With quilt, I have to sew 1/4″ seam on either side of a diagonal seam and I find that a little more difficult. But I hope I’ll get it figured out,


  2. You look adorable in your Santa hat 🎅

    You are in a silly mood this week. I love It! I can’t wait to see all the muppets sewn together.


    1. Thank you – for the compliment and for that adorable hat!
      I think my silliness started when I finished my 24th block. I am redoing Piggy though, and started her right after recording this video.


  3. I feel like you had some of Angela Walter’s Piecing Potion (aka wine) before making this video, haha 😀 The blocks from today look great.. I think if you’re unhappy Miss Piggy, unhappy enough that it’s going to keep bothering you, then it’s probably worth redoing.


  4. I can’t wait to see your Muppets finished. I love all of them. I would redo the blocks as well. If doesn’t matter if someone else will notice it or not. Some blocks I just can’t leave it.

    I agree with Jewels. I think a consistent seam is most important. Although I can’t say I always have those either.

    Happy Crafting


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