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TTMT #323 – jewells68 – August 27, 2019 – Rambly Times

A wee bit of crafty since last week. If only I had taken a photo… Anyway, here’s a bit of a ramble about why I’m not piecing and why I’m not quilting, and why I committed a random act of knitting over the weekend. I am seriously loling at the still in the video preview, ROFTL!

17 thoughts on “TTMT #323 – jewells68 – August 27, 2019 – Rambly Times

    1. It was so good!!!! We had so much fun. My sister thinks we should get with our brother and start a heart tribute band, lol. I told her I had the perfect name… ❤

      Ah well, mine are annoying but in the grand scheme of things they aren't that big of a deal. But I decided to leave my whinge in there anyway, lol

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  1. Glad you had fun at the show .. I saw the Instagram pictures. I only know one Elle King song (Exes and Ohs), which plays every day at my work, making it hard to love haha.

    The Halloween quilt is coming along!

    Too bad about the stitch regulator.. I thought I was all caught up on videos, but I think I must have missed one whenever you bought that/first discovered it didn’t work… what sort of frame have you got now?


    1. On July 20th I bought the Qzone Hoop frame and a sure stitch regulator kit from a local dealer because he have me a huge deal on the frame itself. It was kind of a nightmare. I am still missing a few screws for the frame, but I am going to just get some replacements at the hardware store myself. The frame is actually the perfect size for my space, however, the sure stitch regulator has yet to work. It powers up and the encoders on the frame are talking to the display box, so they appear to be working, but the needle won’t move (unless it’s hooked to the pedal instead of the stitch regulator). I try to buy local but I have learned my lesson, for some things it might be better to just buy online.


      1. So frustrating! I am super intrigued by the qzone hoop frames. I’ve seen them, but I’m really curious to know if they actually work with large quilts or not.. I’ve seen videos showing them moving a quilt in the frame, but they never show how it actually looks or if it’s hard to keep things smooth etc when you move from one chunk of quilting to the next.


        1. Well if I ever get the opportunity to quilt on it I will let you know. However, I made the decision to buy it after watching Leah Day’s videos using it. Because the Qzone frames come with channel locks, you can leave the needle down, lock the carriage, and move the quilt without anything shifting around too much. You can lock it either or both directions when dealing with adjusting the quilt. I did play around with it a bit and it appears to help a lot. Hopefully I will be testing it in a real quilt within a few weeks, although I plan to start with quilts small enough to not have to be shifted from side to side.


  2. I love Joan Jett and Heart so I am very jealous – but very happy for you. What a great sister date!!! I hate you are having more problems with that stitch regulator. That dealer is the pits!


    1. The concert was fantastic fun and we had a blast!

      I think I am mostly annoyed that I haven’t been able to finish anything. I should be using this time to master the use of that hoop frame, not just trying to get my needle to move. I’m not impressed with the dealer, and if anyone local asks me about them I have no qualms about telling them what I really think.


  3. My rotary cutter shoulder gives me grief when I cut too much I don’t have the strength in my left hand to hold down the ruler without it slipping so I borrowed the trick from Jordan Fabrics and use a 5 lb hand weight to hold my ruler when cutting long strips of fabric. Works really well and doesn’t tire out my hand.

    I love the picture YouTube chose for you lol.


    1. My right should can give me grief too. Thankfully I mainly just rotary cut to square things up rather than do a lot of cutting before piecing these days, thanks to the trusty accuquilt. I just work with sizes I know I have. I have a gypsy grip thingy for rulers, but the level of the table has to be just right for them to work properly, and they dry out quickly in this climate. I haven’t tried them since adding the pressing surface to my cutting table. I’ll have to try that out soon.,

      Right? How flatter, thanks youtube


  4. I’m so sorry you are having mechanical problems. I can tell how frustrated you are. Hope you find a workable solution. Your Halloween quilt looks great. Halloween fabric is so much fun.


    1. One way or another I will be quilting on this frame… even if I have to do it sitting down with my foot pedal underneath.

      I love Halloween fabric and I’m happy I started this quilt.


  5. I hate that your still having problems with your regulator. hopefully you will be able to get it soon.
    Years and years ago I went to the hardware store and got me a heavy ruler (contractors ruler). I put a few pieces of the grip tape on it. I almost always use it for my long cuts instead of a quilting ruler. The downside is it’s not see through, so when in doubt I slide a see through ruler over the fabric just to be on the safe side.It helps me tremendously.
    Sounds like you had a blast at the show!!
    Your 9 patch is looking awesome!


    1. I need to replace a few of my rulers anyway, so maybe I’ll look for something more wrist friendly

      It was so much fun. Definitely a once in a lifetime thing. Not sure how much voice Ann Wilson has left. Plus fun with my sister. Need to make plans with her for next week maybe,. SHe’s here through November in her RV.


  6. Yay for getting to go to the show! I love dork show updates 🤗

    How completely frustrating about the regulator. I wish I had a machine for you to try it on. At least the Grace Tech sounds like he is really trying to help. Which given my recent experiences with companies and broken products is more than I can say about some of them.

    Have a good week.


    1. It was so much fun! We have more sisterly and possibly brotherly cavorting coming later this month, lol.

      It’s been a pain. My quilt tops are seriously beginning to weigh me down, yet I keep making them because I want to make things.Tech support at Grace has been trying really hard to pinpoint the problem. More on that when I finally get around to filming tomorrow.


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