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TTMT #31 8/27/19

Trying something new. Looks like I have 2 videos back to back because I posted late last week.

Cathedral Pillow pattern that I used The Midnight Quilter Presents: Holiday Gift-Along SeriesCathedral Pillow

8 thoughts on “TTMT #31 8/27/19

  1. Your cathedral windows look AMAZING! I wish I had some sage advice for you, but it’s a pattern I’ve never tackled. I can tell you that I’ve seen both sewn down and not sewing down. I think that’s up to you and how you want to finish it.


    1. Thank you. I have completely enjoyed working on it. I think I like the effect of it not being sewn now. I am going to make a full size quilt for a bed so leaving it should be fine. I think if I was going to make it smaller, and it getting it tossed around sewing them down may be the way I would go.

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  2. I think the cathedral windows looks great! That’s not a pattern I’ve gotten around to trying yet myself.

    I have to say, I have seen what you are capable of designing and piecing, and lady if you thought it was difficult, then it must have been REALLY difficult. Maybe some who designing is in your future. I bet you could make something more user friendly that folks would love to sew.


    1. I was really trying to love it, it just didn’t happen. Actually I have been thinking about an Elvis quilt…all the different Elvis costumes. Well it looks good in my mind …I just have to get it on paper now..Thank you…Thank you very much…lol


  3. Wow, that Who pattern looks like something else. I think I’d have to blow it up to 18″ or something to make it do-able.

    The cathedral window looks pretty great, though! Most of the ones I’ve done (which have been pincushions) have had you stitch down the flappy bit, but it’s been part of the construction in a way it doesn’t seem to be in this pattern. I think you can probably go either way… it looks great as is!


  4. I love your Cathedral windows. I have no advice as I have never sewn one. It’s on my crafty bucket list for sure. They turned out gorgeous.

    I feel like the pattern must be insane if you are having trouble with it. You seem to tackle almost anything with ease.

    Happy Crafting


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