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TTMT#110-It’s Musically Delicious!


7 thoughts on “TTMT#110-It’s Musically Delicious!

  1. Oh my! Those blocks are fabulous! That quilt is never coming home with you. People are gonna love it!
    I hope it raises a ton of money! It’s is gonna be stunning!

    The S’mores Row a long Block is adorable & perfect for the camper.

    Happy Crafting

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  2. Your solution for the musicals blocks was perfect. You did a fantastic job on that! Did you just print those onto freezer paper for the lettering? What technique do you use to cut out your fabric so precisely?

    Oh my that camping block is adorable. And so true! I remember camping and looking out into the dark and seeing a raccoon face. Too cute!

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    1. Hi, I did the work in Google drawings, inserted Word Art, flipped it, then printed it out onto featherweight iron on stuff,then cut them out with teeny, tiny pointed fiskars…had to do it while not too tired! 🙂


  3. I am in love with the musicals quilt! I have a feeling that tickets will sell like hotcakes. The camper quilt is so cute and the circle quilt for the quilt show is beautiful! You have had a productive August.

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